Q45: Would you consider contract employment?


Q45: Would you consider contract employment?

The short answer is, YES, I would.

The long answer is, contract employment is attractive to me, because it is a more honest relationship. For example, when we contractors have to work overtime, we do get paid for overtime.

Make your customers happy, by recruiting contractors! We, contractors, work at an hourly rate, and, therefore, your customers tend to be happier. This means the end client can get the work done, and on time. Let's suppose the end client wants me to work all weekend. Fine, I work all weekend, and the end client gets a release out the door. Let's suppose I want some time off? Fine! My end client is usually cool with it, because they don't have to pay me for any hours I'm not at work.

Recruit contractors, because end clients tell me they prefer 'contractors'. We, contractors, do a better job and get the job done faster! 'Perm' employees are more interested in their careers. Therefore, help your customers by bringing in contractors, instead of 'perm' employees. As you already know, we, contractors, are specialists who do the job better and faster.

Exception: While I generally I prefer 'contract' to 'perm', one exception is an existing client. In other words, if I receive a good offer from a client that I have completed a successful contract with, I will consider their 'perm' offer very carefully.


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